Data Science for High-Growth Startups

With today’s technology, there’s no reason to run your business on a hunch.

That’s not to say that hunches aren’t valuable.

After all, you need good instincts to know exactly where the market is moving…

And companies who don’t continually innovate are in danger of losing out to competitors.

Yet what if…

Instead of randomly guessing about where the market’s going, you can use data to back up your hunch…

And try things more intelligently?

Because Amazon, Google, and Facebook Use Data Everyday to Accelerate their Profits

You’ve probably read about machine learning and its implications for companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

And while you think it’s super cool…

You’re not exactly sure how it’d work for your growing startup.

So maybe you ask your engineering team where to start. After all, they’re working with TBs of company data on a daily basis.

Try it out, and see.

If they know exactly how to approach the problem and test a solution, awesome.

But if they might give you a blank stare…or say they’re too overworked to address the problem…

That’s exactly the right time to bring me in.

How the 2008 recession transformed me into a data scientist
I consider everything a business problem first…

And a technical problem second.

So even though I’ve been using LINUX since 1999, I worked in finance right after I finished college, with the distinct goal to NOT code for a living.

I wanted to climb the corporate ladder –

But instead found myself a victim of the 2008 recession.

And with a brand new mortgage to pay and close-to-zero job openings to apply to, I did what I could to make ends meet.

And right before the last $2000 in my bank account disappeared forever…

A friend of mine casually mentioned that her company needed software developers.

Keep in mind, I never wanted to write code for a living.

But foreclosing on my house seemed worse so…

9 years later, I’m still using data to drive startups forward

It’s been 9 years since that moment, and I’m grateful that the career I never wanted is the career I have today.

I’ve done data projects from the bare metal all the way to the cloud, here are a few of my favorite projects.

  • Analyzing defects in asphalt with YOLOv3, Pytorch, and bleeding edge computer vision technologies
  • Utilizing spaCy and gloVe vectors to determine word similarities in natural language processing.
  • Finding fraudsters with CatBoost which is an amazing piece of ensemble learning
  • Designing an experiment to reduce user churn for a eight-figure SaaS company
  • Projecting how much a football jersey will be worth next year utilizing simple linear regressions
  • Finding brands and influencers in a stack of instagram photos and using Keras, tensorflow, fasttext and spaCy.

If you run a high-growth startup that is above the $10M ARR threshold and are dying to know whether data can help solve the problems that keep you up at night, send me an email or sign up to do a free 30 minute strategy session with me here.

I’d love to brainstorm with you. I hate sales pitches as much as you do probably, so no pitch just support for you and your business.


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